STORYFAIR Continues! 2 Kamishibai Videos and crafting ideas.

Our work exploring traditional  storytelling will continue under the current restrictions and closures thanks to the efforts of our artists, who are recording thier stories to send to schools and people working from home.

Dominic Kelly is working on his collection of tales and will be sending video as soon as he has it...this will be accessible though a link on these pages.

This year we are also working with  Cathy Sullivan. Cathy works in the Japanese Kamishibai  - Paper Play - tradition, which uses still images and narration and she has kindly recorded this lovely video of the story of  The Three Magic Charms.

Here is a short Youtube introduction to Kamishibai, which describes the storytelling method..

Cathy has also sent us this original story...and a suggestion...all based on..

"..An unexpected encounter with a friendly ferret at Ulverston Station - drawn and painted to be retold Kamishibai style.
This story uses pictures only - a paper film! 

Take a look at this kamishibai story and see if you can write the story to it - another idea may be to draw what you think happened to the ferret after it was taken away in the box .
You could send your stories/pictures to me and we could include them on this blog !"

..and here are downloadable links to written and pictorial instructions for building your own Kamishibai Theatre using boxes fished from the recycling.  There are two versions, very slightly different, and while we suggest covering the boxes with paper and glue...if you don't have glue you might be able to manage without....

Enjoy the story and have fun.

And another thing...

Phill and Karen, our good friends at the Ashton Group Theatre Factory in Barrow are putting out regular bulletins with loads of great creative games, challenges  and projects for young people via thier social media they are....